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Pro Staff

Gary Palmer


Name: Gary Palmer  -  Age: 51  -  Location: Gloucester

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Occupation: Pro Fishing Guide

Bio: I started fishing at the tender age of eight and by accident almost broke the British record for a Silver Bream before the age of ten. I have fished every opportunity I can get since then. Over the years I have targeted many species both fresh water and sea and my successes include plenty of 2lb plus roach and double figure Bream as well as Carp to over 20lb, Monkfish of over 50lb and numerous Shark and Tope.

In 1994 an accidental Zander capture whilst night fishing for Eels on the River Avon, fired my imagination and within 3 months I had moved house to Tewkesbury so as to not waste time travelling. All my fishing in those days was using baits. The big fish tally soon started to grow including several fish in the 17lb bracket. In 1997 these fish were within ounces of the British record. Perhaps the highlight was an amazing 5 hour session which produced 5 double figure Zander from the river Severn.

Although still using all methods for predatory fish. I now prefer using lures as my main method of attack, and have landed fish to 127lb (all be it a Nile perch!). I have had plenty of specimen Pike and numerous Perch over 2lbs but is best known for my success at catching Zander on lures of all types. With a tally of over 100 double figure Zander over the years inc 3 over 15lbs and 2 at 17lb I is one of the most prolific Zander anglers around.

With the exception of the Gloucester canal most of my lure angling is done from my boat on both the Avon and Severn and a few select still waters, using all methods but mainly trolling and vertical jigging. With bigger fish still out there, who knows the size of fish that will be caught this year. It is possible to book me for a dayís guiding on either the Severn or the Avon please email for further details.

Angling Achievements: As a guide helping any guest achieve their ambitions. Getting within 2ozs of the British Zander Record, Nile Perch to over 100lbs, Monkfish at 53lbs, Porgies to over 100lbs. However I would say my biggest personal achievement is getting more kids fishing.

Most Memorable Fishing Trip: Fishing Lake Nasser the week after 9/11. The flights were deserted, hotels empty, ten anglers were booked to go yet only two plus John Wilson (The Guide) ended up on the trip. Averaged 10-4-lb plus fish a day the largest coming in at 90lb off the rocks on a 10lb Mono.

Sunline Products Used and Why: Sunline PE is an absolutely bomb proof braid, a real workhouse line, smooth, quite easy to knot, all in all a fantastic braid across all breaking strains ideal on bait casters etc. I use Castaway and Momentum 4x4 on all my fixed spool outfits, since changing over to these wind knots etc. are a thing of the past.

Your Top Line and Lure Fishing Tip: Momentum 4x4 in yellow for vertical jigging, watch the line where it enters the water, look for sideways movements in the line not just lifts and pulls.

Favourite Fish to Catch and Why: Zander, I have always been fascinated by them, everything about Zander says predator, the pack mentality of the hunter.

Away from fishing what do you like to do: Talk about fishing, read about fishingÖ Seriously being a Pro Guide I look forward to just getting out and fishing for pleasure.

Tell us something most people donít know about you: I have never managed to catch anything on a fly even trying little novice pools with youngsters catching all around me.

Lure Fishing hopes and dreams: One day to fish Murchison Falls, however my greatest hope is that my children continue to love fishing as much as I do.



Matt Newcombe


Name: Matt Newcombe  -  Age: 29  -  Location: Plymouth

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Occupation: Recruitment Consultant

Bio: Introduced to fishing as a child by my Grandfather, always carried a spinning rod with me when bait fishing and developed a love for lure fishing 3 years ago. Now a Ďlure onlyí angler and love it.

Angling Achievements: Taking 1st place and biggest fish in the Trophee Rockfish competition in Benodet, France 2011.

Most Memorable Fishing Trip: 2011 trip to France (see above) with a small gang of like minded lure anglers. Nailed some Nice Fish! on very light tackle.

Sunline Products Used: Momentum 4x4, Rockfish PE, Small Game leader. I use these lines because I can trust their quality, even when the going gets tough.

My Top Line & Lure Fishing Tips: Rockfish PE. Always think outside the box, never be afraid to try something new. Adapt and overcome!

Favourite Fish to Catch &Why: Bass & Wrasse. Two of the hardest fighting fish we can target on lures in the UK. Both packed with attitude and aggression.

Away from Angling? Photography & real Ale.

Something You Might Not Know About Me: I am scared of spiders. Yuk!

Lure Fishing Hopes & Dreams: Keep on searching out those lunker fish. Catch those lunker fish!!


Paul Gunning

Name: Paul Gunning   -  Age: 32

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Location: South West Devon (Bantham) & West Cornwall (Penzance)

Occupation: RNLI Lifeguard Supervisor  

Bio: Started fishing with lures in 2010, as a pastime when the waves were flat. I quickly became very interested in the different species of fish, and different fishing styles possible through using lures. I like to fish with light tackle, finely tuned to suit my own style and fishing environment.

Angling Achievements: 5lb+ Bass taken on ultralight gear, catch and release.

Most Memorable Fishing Trip: Meeting up with 20 other like minded lure fishermen, and bumbling the Cornish coastline, sharing ideas and techniques, as well as landing the occasional fish.

Sunline Products Used: Sunline Small Game 3lb Fluoro - This is the line I use with ultra light jig heads and tiny soft plastic lures. Great contact feel with the lightest tackle, and a good sink rate. Sunline Small Game 0.4PE - I use this line when plugging with very small hard plastic lures. Very fine, with great strength, allows me to cast light lures far, and feel exactly what the lure is doing on the retrieve. Sunline Castaway 0.8PE - I use this line with larger soft plastics, mainly fished off the bottom, or drifted in current. Good abrasion resistance, and a lovely line to fish with on a slow retrieve. Sunline Momentum 4x4 01PE - I use this line for my general plugging. Great bright colour, and casts really well, and behaves nicely in windy conditions. Sunline Siglon Fluoro - I use this for leaders, in various breaking strains. Good resistance to wear, and knots really well, giving great confidence that when hooked, the fish will be landed safely.

My Top Line & Lure Fishing Tips: With the fine braids available now, I like to use a reel with a shallow spool, which are slowly becoming more available. The shallow spool means you do not need to fill it up with backing before you load your braid on. Most of my spools only have a minimal amount of backing, to allow the braid to spool without slip. With lures, especially the soft plastics, I often find that less action equals more fish landed. Slow retrieves with long pauses, or leaving the lure deadstick on the bottom, often allows the fish to find the lure, resulting in great takes. Slowing the game down in the right conditions can be very beneficial.

Favourite Fish to Catch &Why: I really enjoy the targeting of Wrasse around the rugged coastline where I live. Great variety of sizes and colours means each fish is a joy to see. When targeted on light tuned tackle, the scrap they give is great, and it's a species I can fish for all year round.

Away from Angling: I like to keep fit, as it's a large part of my work. This is either through time at the gym,  or in the pool. It also helps out with my other pastime of surfing. Working in a beach environment, I get to spend a lot of time in the sea, and also scope out new potential fishing marks, and keep up to date with coastal conditions.

Something You Might Not Know About Me: I am a team rider for Luke Young Surfboards. Have been surfing for 27 years.

Lure Fishing Hopes & Dreams: Hoping to land my first double figure Bass at some point. Would like the chance to fish with good friends away from my home spots, learn some new techniques and see some different terrain and species.




Name: Will Harding - Age: 26 - Location: Dorset

Occupation; Precision CNC programmer, Aerospace industry

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I've been a non stop fishermen since the age of 10, fishing local lakes around the Dorset area for all manner of course fishing species. I soon followed my career to Weymouth where I found the ocean held so many more adventures an challenges. I started off bait fishing marks like the local piers an the mighty Chesil. At the age of 21 I had a lure rod dropped in my hands and since then I`ve never looked back. I've chased bass from Lyme Regis to the great ledges of Kimmeridge and hunted wrasse from rock marks around the island of Portland. It wasnít long before I had a growing passion for LRF (Light Rock Fishing) when I realised that anything can be caught on lure. Suddenly the ocean became a whole lot bigger... Looking back five years ago I would never have thought I would be successfully targeting all manner of species like Wrasse, Blennies, Scorpion fish and Flounder all using light lure tactics, but thatís what has captivated me. Anything is possible. I pride myself in practising catch an release an safe unhooking at all times.

Angling Achievements;

Convincing my girlfriend that fishing is the best thing on earth.

Most memorable Fishing Trip;

After a bad day at work all I wanted to do is get out and go fishing. I was confined to walking distances as my car had broken down, so a five minute walk to the pier was my only option. Within my first dozen casts I thought I had hooked a steam train! After a short but epic fight a stunning bass of 9.4lb came to the surface. I knew straight away this had beaten my PB by double and was a moment I will never, ever forget.

Sunline Products Used And Why?

Small Game PE. This PE line is an incredible casting line that offers maximum sensitivity which is perfect for presenting small lures to mini species. The vibrant pink colour makes it a dream to use at night especially when tying leader knots.

RockBite Fluorocarbon. This Fluorocarbon mainline is fantastic on windy days when a PE line is too light. The broken up colour pattern of the line is an incredible help when jigging or OTD methods as the colour pattern can be used to keep your lure at the depth where the fish are feeding.

Super Braid. I use this all purpose braid for both my plugging and wrasse fishing. Knot strength is fantastic and casting is silky smooth. The bright green is brilliant especially when night plugging for bass.

Small Game FC. This line is fast becoming my go to line for all my LRF angling. The added abrasion resistance of fluorocarbon allows you to get in the roughest grounds with the confidence your line wonít let you down.

Your Top Line and Lure FishingTip?

Check mainlines and replace leaders after every session. If you hook in to a nice fish that snags you up check that leader and replace at the first sign of damage. Your next cast could produce the fish of your dreams. Why take the risk?

When lure fishing go the extra mile. Long hikes, early mornings and late nights will catch you more fish. Thereís is miles of shoreline to be discovered, your new PB could be round that next corner.

Favourite fish to catch and why?

By far my favourite fish to catch will always be the bass, especially when caught on the lighter tackle.

Away From Fishing What Do you Like To Do?

Hiking, Geocaching and photography

Tell Us Something Most People Don`t Know About You;

If itís not Heavy Metal then you wonít catch me listening to it!

Lure Fishing Hopes and Dreams;

To see the Lure fishing scene in the UK reach its full potential like in America and Japan. Bring all like minded anglers together for catch and release competitions and leagues.



Bert Ngim

Name: Bertrand Ngim - Age: 34 - Location: East Midlands, England

Occupation: Mechanical Engineer

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Angling Bio: Avid/enthusiast level 'multi-species' freshwater angler (from black bass to zander) and a tackle buff. Lure fisherman from day one. I have fished in the UK and all over the world. Iím a freelance photographer and angling writer for fishing magazines in the UK and abroad.

Angling Achievements (biggest fish caught. Pike, Perch, Zander, Chub?):

UK: Caught a 4 lb plus perch on a 1/8 oz spinnerbait in an East Midlands canal.

Europe: Caught a 53 cm largemouth bass on a 1/4 oz jig in Southern France.

China: Fought and landed a 75 cm northern snakehead on light tackle in Eastern China.

Malaysia: Won a 10 minute fight with a 12 lb giant snakehead on light tackle.

Most Memorable Fishing Trip:

July 2006, Lake Air Kuning, Malaysia: Caught several 50 cm peacock bass, a 12 lb giant snakehead and a 14 lb Asian carp all in one day on light tackle with 10 lb test line.

Major Craft rods Used & Why?: Days Series (DC-662MH) for cover spinnerbaiting, light jigs and light Texas-rigs. Beneyro Series (BNC-682H) for 1/4 oz to 1/2 oz jigs and pitching in heavy cover and small swimbaits. Beneyro Series (BNS-642L) for 1/16 oz jigs, small worms and small jerkbaits. Days Series (DC-652MG) for crankbaits.

Sunline Products Used & Why?:

So far it has got to be the Sunline Basic FC fluorocarbon line (period). In terms of price to performance ratio, nothing on the market comes close. Iím in the process of testing various Sunline braids and fluoroís at the moment. Therefore, this section of my bio will be updated as soon as Iíve thoroughly tested the lines in order to give a considered opinion.

My Top Fishing Line & Lure Fishing Tips:

Sunline Basic FC. Understand the conditions and the behavioral characteristics of your targeted species. Always establish a pattern and never fish on your own terms. Fish bite what they feel like biting and not what you think you like. Importantly, be open minded.

Favourite Fish to Catch &Why:

Black bass, perch and peacock bass. They may not the hardest fighting freshwater species on the planet but the way they respond to baits in different conditions and situations is what motivates me to go in search of them.

What do you like to do away from Angling?:

Cross country mountain biking.

Something You Might Not Know About Me:

I am a self taught cook and food enthusiast.

Lure Fishing Hopes & Dreams:.

To one day run a sport fishing related business.



 Dave Fitzpatrick

Name: Dave Fitzpatrick - Age: 31 - Location: Dublin

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Occupation: Architect

Bio: I began fishing as a child and still remember catching my first fish, a lovely little brown trout from my local river. Since then I have tried my hand at all sorts of different styles of fishing in both fresh and salt water but in recent years I have focused my efforts on lure fishing and the lighter end of things in particular. However I still fish for those same brown trout that captured my interest in angling all those years ago.

Most Memorable Fishing Trip: The first time I had the pleasure of fishing the Dingle Peninsular in Kerry, a truly breathtaking landscape with some excellent fishing, that has kept me coming back year after year.

Sunline Products Used: Momentum 4x4, Rockfish PE, Small Game FC, Super PE, Siglon FC and Siglon FC leader. Top quality fishing lines that I can trust.

My Top Line & Lure Fishing Tips: Rockfish 0.3 PE for the light stuff and 16lb Momentum 4x4 for the heavier stuff. Never be afraid to experiment and to try different techniques and approaches.

Favourite Fish to Catch & Why: Too many to choose from but Bass have got to be up there, such a beautiful and hard fighting fish.

Away from Angling? Supporting Leinster Rugby

Something You Might Not Know About Me: I'm not a fan of roller-coasters

Lure Fishing Hopes & Dreams: I'd love have the opportunity to do more fishing abroad, be it Stripers in Montauk, Bonefish in the Bahamas or maybe a trip to Norway, the list goes on and on.


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