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Sunline Fishing Line


Sunlight Fishing Line




Sunline are the leading Japanese fishing line manufacturer. Founded in 1977 and currently employing over 175 employees, Sunline really are the market pioneers.

The company produces every conceivable type of fishing line for every type of target and method. Materials include braid, nylon, fluorocarbon, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, polyester (polyethylene terephthalate), and metal.

Sunline maintains top share in the Japanese fishing line market and exports its lines to more than 40 countries worldwide.

The fundamental concept at Sunline has always been to develop a thinner, stronger fishing line. The company is constantly challenging itself to give full play to its original technology in the creation of new products.

Sunline Fishing Line

Sunline is adamant about quality control. Bobbins wound with spun line are subjected to 100% inspection, while another quality inspection awaits the finished product. Any off-specification products found through this process of double-checking are absolutely banned from shipment in alignment with the company’s unchanging policy of quality above all.

Now that Sunline is up and running in the UK and Ireland, we are even better equipped to respond to the needs of our own anglers both in terms of product development and sales.

Below are some images from the Sunline production facility. Sunline invests considerable time and resources to insure they are using the best manufacturing processes and equipment available.

Sunline Fishing Line Nice Fish

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